More Relaxing Less Taxing


More Relaxing Less Taxing

By Philanthropist, Speaker, and Tax Entrepreneur

Courtney Epps

Learn in less than 2 minutes why you would be brain dead to not own a business, as Philanthropist, Speaker and Tax Entrepreneur, Courtney Epps breaks down, step by step, legal and ethical ways you can save thousands.

Did you know:

  • before the Covid19 pandemic 46% of Americans did NOT have an extra $400 to their name

  • 69% did not have an extra $1,000!

The system was already broken!


(keep scrolling to learn how to save THOUSANDS!)

Saving money is your moral obligation. You have a duty to be as liquid as possible so that as much of your resources can be devoted toward doing good in the world.

I believe that you need to keep every single nickel you deserve so that you can help more, have more, do more, give more, and save more.

“It only matters how much you keep, not what you make so therefore you must do everything you can legally, morally, and ethically to combat the taxes and expenses of your business, or you will be giving away your business”


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