Earn commission while helping others as an OTB Tax affiliate member.

Millions of Americans are overpaying in taxes.

As an OTB Tax client, you save more of your hard earned money every year at tax time.
Now, you can help your friends and family do the same, while earning rewards.

At OTB Tax, we’re proud to partner with you as we educate even more people and help them save more of their hard-earned money with our affiliate program!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What products and services are included in the OTB Tax affiliate program?

When you become a part of the OTB Tax affiliate program, you earn 10% per item on the sales of OTB Tax products and services, including:

  • Hurdlr
  • More Relaxing and Less Taxing Memberships
  • Ebooks
  • Tax Strategy Sessions
  • Other products and services available as the program grows.

How do I receive the commission?

OTB Tax pays commission on a monthly basis directly to your PayPal account, so make sure you have one ready to go before you sign up!

What makes this affiliate program special?

Not only are you making commissions while helping others save more at tax time, but you are also helping those in need as a part of a social business!

  • Every $150 provides water for one person for fifteen years. We’re digging wells and putting them in the ground to provide safe water with The Living Well.
  • Every $1 helps us provide advanced immune support for a child for a day with MannaRelief. Think of it like this: every time someone clicks your link to purchase a book, we’re helping fifteen children!

What are the steps to become an affiliate with OTB Tax?

  1. Sign up as an affiliate here.
  2. Receive & sign your official contract in your welcome email.
  3. Go to your affiliate dashboard to copy your unique links.
  4. Paste those links and get them out to your list.
  5. Make money monthly while helping others save.
  6. Check that dashboard to track your earnings.

It’s a win-win-win situation!

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