Next-Level Tax Preparation

Every client begins and ends the process with a Tax Strategy Session. This helps our team members save more of your hard earned money while we prepare your taxes!

Have Your Return Prepared at OTB Tax!

This isn’t your average accounting service. The Team at OTB Tax works together to complete your tax return, with each person working in their Zone of Genius along the way. We may ask more questions than you are used to. It may take more time than you expect. 

But every tax return is triple-checked before it is filed, with Courtney Epps being the final link in the chain so nothing is missed. It is our way of ensuring that you get to keep as much of your hard-earned money as possible, legally, morally, and ethically.

Tax preparation begins with a Tax Strategy Session. When you understand more, you save more. We work with clients on a first paid, first-served basis. After your Tax Strategy Session, you have the choice to work with us or take the information with you.

Here’s to a more relaxing and less taxing process!