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Bookkeeping Software for Home-Based Businesses

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Bookkeeping is crucial when it comes to saving money legally, morally, and ethically at tax time. It is so important to keep careful track of your books so that you can make the most of home-based business deductions. This saves you money and stress when it’s time to file. For more information, watch my video: Why do I need bookkeeping?

Tax Facts: Why Do I Need Bookkeeping?

Best Bookkeeping Software: Hurdlr

Here at OTB Tax, we love to recommend Hurdlr to our clients. Hurdlr is a simple way for home-based business owners to take control of their financials.

We love Hurdlr because it’s kind of a one-stop shop for bookkeeping for our clients. You can use it right on your phone or any other electronic device. It can help you track mileage along with other business expenses, and you’ll never scramble for receipts at tax time again! Hurdlr helps you find deductions, gives you specialized tax and financial information and helps with income tax estimates for the self-employed. It’s a simple way to make bookkeeping more relaxing and less taxing.

Get Hurdlr Free with More Relaxing and Less Taxing Membership

When you join the More Relaxing and Less Taxing Membership Program, Hurdlr is included in the monthly price! So not only do you get all of the benefits of our online virtual library, Facebook Live Q & A sessions, and a discounted rate for Tax Strategy Sessions, you’ll also receive complimentary access to do your bookkeeping with Hurdlr!

Click here to join today and get free access to Hurdlr. Here’s to a more relaxing and less taxing way to keep those books in order!