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How to File Your Tax Return With OTB Tax

By March 22, 2021No Comments

2020. Just looking at it in writing can cause people stress. But now that we are in 2021, the sense of urgency to step toward something better
continues to grow. And one more way to leave 2020 behind? Let the team at OTB Tax complete and file your return!  

Some of you chose to complete and file your returns on your own last year. Some used a franchise and dropped off an envelope of paperwork and you had two steps to the process: 

Step One: Drop off all of your paperwork.

Step Two: Receive a call to sign your completed return and retrieve your paperwork.

When you choose OTB Tax for your accounting needs, the process may be different. What you experienced with your previous accountant or on your own won’t look the same. But your results are worth the wait.

Let’s walk through our process together, shall we?

Step One:  Schedule a Tax Strategy Session with a member of our team. During this step, one of our tax consultants will meet with you to discuss where you are financially right now.  

You will answer a lot of questions about your business, your previous returns, and the refunds you received. 

You may also discuss whether it is a good idea to amend some of your previous returns. We can find more money missed up to three years ago.  Step one is also the time to start strategizing. You can take steps now to grow your business to the next level over the next year for an even better return. 

This gathering of information can seem like a lot. But this is the beginning of getting you the best return legally, morally, and ethically.  After the Tax Strategy Session, you will receive an invoice. You can choose to move on to the next step, or take the information we discussed during the Tax Strategy Session elsewhere. You can choose to work with us or not. Either way, you have some good information to consider! 

Step Two: Pay the invoice and receive an email to sign up for Liscio. We use this platform as a way to message back and forth with you as we move from step to step. It is also an easy way to upload and sign documents. You can use it as an app and on your computer.  

During step two, you will schedule your onboarding call through Liscio. The onboarding appointment is with your tax preparer. They will reach out to you, make sure you are sending in all of the necessary documents, and ask any other clarifying questions.  

Step Three:  After some possible messaging back and forth, your tax preparer prepares your tax return! Our tax preparers love what they do.   They are the people who have an eye for details and make sure all the names and numbers are correct. You will review it and have the opportunity to hop on a call to discuss it with our tax prep team before you sign it. 

Step Four: Your return is prepared and it goes to a tax manager. They will go over your return. At this point, there can be some back and forth between the manager and the preparer to make sure nothing is missed. 

The manager may have a few more questions about other deductions that you could take advantage of and your return can get revised at this step to get the most out of your return.  And once the tax preparer and the tax manager agree that you are getting the best possible tax return filed, it moves on to step five! 

Step Five: After the preparer and manager agree, your return lands on Courtney’s desk!  This is the last step for every single return that moves through OTB Tax, every year!   Courtney prides herself in having her eyes on every tax return that moves through our company, triple-checking to ensure that you can take advantage of every deduction afforded to you. 

Once Courtney approves it, her assistant will send an email. You sign your return and set up a Tax Strategy Session follow-up.

Steps in-between

And if you have questions along the way, you can always message us through Liscio or send an email!  It may take a little longer. 

You may have to answer more questions.  But our goal is to be your guides along the way, helping you save more, live more, and be able to give more! 

Here’s to a more relaxing and less taxing life! 

Start your OTB Tax journey here: Book a Tax Strategy Session!