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How to Save Lives with Your Tax Returns

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Your tax return is working overtime here at OTB Tax. When you become a client with the team at OTB Tax, you can rest assured that you are saving the most money that is possible legally, morally, and ethically. But along with the money you save at tax time, your tax returns save lives. And one reason is our social business partnership with MannaRelief.

About Our Charitable Partner: MannaRelief

MannaRelief’s reach spans 89 different countries worldwide.

Just filling a child’s belly won’t work. They need to have proper nutrition. MannaRelief has the solution – providing nutritional supplements designed to support the body’s normal functions for repair and the regeneration of healthy cells. You can learn more here. So, for every $1 spent preparing your tax return at OTB Tax, a child receives advanced immune support!

The Last Well: Providing Fresh Water for Everyone

OTB Tax wants to support human needs on multiple fronts; that’s why we also partner with the Last Well to save lives. It all started when people prayed to learn the most immediate physical need for people in the most challenging place. They worked for twelve years to end the thirst in Liberia. Now they’re working on Asia-Pacific countries to do the same thing with a goal of three years! Learn more here.

For every $150 spent on tax return preparation at OTB Tax, a person receives safe water for fifteen years!

Which begs the question, why would you want to work with any other accounting firm?

The OTB Tax Difference 

The team at OTB Tax is on a mission to help our clients save more so they can live better. And when our clients save more and live more, they have the amazing opportunity to give more!

And the best part? When you give from your top line, the charitable contributions are saving lives. And saving you money at tax time!

Here’s to a more relaxing and less taxing way to simultaneously help those in need and save more of your hard-earned money in the process!